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  • You can heal from what hurts you.

    More than just talk therapy

    Integrated Counseling combines psychotherapy, neuropsychology, behavioral change, and holistic tools to help people live better lives.

    Each part of the mind, brain, and body has a different function and unique process for storing life experiences. For that reason, we need multiple clinical tools and treatment modalities to access and then heal the various structures of your whole person. We then focus on the integration of these interrelated but unique structures. The result usually helps people to feel better.


    Heal from your history; treat trauma, and anxiety.

    Chronic Pain

    Manage disorders, disease, and Chronic Pain.


    Shift Relationships and family patterns.

    Life Transitions

    Make a Life transition, find the power in change.


    EMDR is a research-based psychotherapy treatment designed to alleviate the effects of traumatic memories, process through unresolved emotion, and bring troubling experiences into resolution.

    Somatic Experiencing

    Somatic Experiencing is a body-based treatment used to locate and release defensive responses of fight/flight/freeze that have become stuck in the body.

    About Shanna Willner, MA, LPCC, PMP

    Shanna Willner, MA, LPCC, PMP – licensed in CA and Texas. I am a Mental Health provider with a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling. In my work, I integrate psychotherapy, biopsychology, behavioral change, and holistic practice to support my clients in living a better life.

    I work with clients on issues of complicated trauma, PTS/D, anxiety, and dysregulation ● chronic pain, medical trauma, and bio-psychological issues like insomnia and migraine ● attachment disruption, abuse and neglect, and personality disorder ● life transition, transformation, and habit change.